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High-Carotenoid Diet:

Carotenes are plant pigments your body converts to a form of vitamin A. A diet high in carotenes, including beta-carotene, appears to lower the risk of some cancers.

foods with 20 to 50 percent rda per serving:

Brussels sprouts----------Melon (watermelon)----------Prunes

Butter---------------------Nectarin---------------------- Spinach

Cabbage (bok choy)

foods with 50 to 100 percent rda per serving:

Apricot--------------------Greens (turnip---------------Persimmon


foods with more than 100 percent rda per serving:

Carrot---------------------Melon (cantaloupe)----------Sweet potato

Mango--------------------Peppers (red, bell)

Winter squash (butternut, Hubbard)