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Controlled Cholesterol/Controlled Fat diet:


The controlled cholesterol/low-fat diet restricts but does not eliminate either cholesterol,  fat, or saturated fat. Instead it conforms to the USDA/Health and Human Services Dietary  Guidelines for Americans recommendation that you consume no more than 300 mg cholesterol

and get no more than 100 calories per day from saturated fat (nine calories per gram).


foods with   90   to   150   mg cholesterol per serving   :


Beef--------------------Game meat---------------Pork

Cheddar cheese--------Lamb---------------------Ricotta (whole milk)




foods with more than 150 mg cholesterol per serving:

Beef brains-------------Eggs (whole)--------------Goose

Beef heart--------------Duck-----------------------Liver (all)

Beef tongue

foods with more than two grams (18 calories) saturated fat per serving:

Avocado----------------Game Meat----------------Poultry

Beef---------------------Lamb----------------------Variety meats

Butter-------------------Liver (all)------------------Veal