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High-Folate Diet:

A high-folate diet before and during pregnancy reduces the risk of delivering a child with cleft palate or a neural tube (spinal cord) defect; a diet with adequate amounts of folate and vitamin B6reduces the risk of heart disease.

food with 10 to 50 percent rda per serving:

Bean sprouts---------------Lettuces---------------Parsnips

Beans-----------------------Lima Beans-----------Peanuts

Beets-----------------------Melon (cantaloupe)---Soy beans


Brussels sprouts-----------Okra------------------Strawberries

Greens---------------------Papaya----------------Winter squash

foods with more than 50 percent rda per serving:


foods high in vitamin b6:

Beans----------------------Game meat-----------Poultry

Beef-----------------------Grains (whole)--------Shellfish

Cereal (whole)------------Greens----------------Variety meats

Fish Pork Veal