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2Tbsp ex v. olive oil 

2 clove Garlic, chpd 

1 ½ pt Chicken Broth 

2lbs Rapini 

2 oz Carrots, slivered (optional)

black pepper, grnd – to taste

salt – to taste



Wash rapini in plenty of water then rinse and repeat if vegetable retains a lot of sand. Slice vegetables about ¾” to inch from bottom of stalk and discard this cut. Cut stems twice and keep separate from florettes.


In a heavy skillet lighty sauté garlic, then add chicken broth. Let simmer a couple minutes. Add the sliced stalks and cook at a simmer for 6 – 8 minutes. If rapini stems are almost tender add florettes and carrot slivers and continue to simmer for about 5 minutes.

Check to make sure vegetables are tender. Remove from heat, serve immediately.


Serves 6 - 8


Note: This is in no way related to broccoli. Rapini is a member of the cabbage and turnip family.


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